September 16

How Mobile Education Apps Drive Student Engagement

The days of strictly learning academic or work-related material in a conventional brick-and-mortar classroom are gradually fading away. Mobile education has arrived, and it is here to stay. Mobile learning tools are used by students and professionals alike. Educational institutions, as well as businesses, are using mobile education apps for teaching and training, respectively.

Advances in Mobile Education Tech

The educational technology sector, commonly shortened to “EdTech,” is as dynamic as it gets. This sector is rapidly progressing with each passing day, bringing new training and teaching tools to the market. In particular, specific apps are proving especially important for teaching, learning, and training.

One such app is Remind. This app has been installed more than 11 million times. At one point, Remind was downloaded more than any other app in the education category. This communication tool facilitates the transmission of real-time communication to fellow learners, trainees, groups, and others. Remind even empowers learners to translate messages in nearly 90 languages.  Additionally, Remind sets the stage for educators and trainers to easily share files, communicate and keep everyone on the same page.

Photomath is another example of mobile education apps transforming the learning process. At one point, this app was the second-most downloaded learning app in the entire country. The app makes it that much easier for people to learn the often-dreaded subject of mathematics.

Photomath is designed with a camera calculator app that makes it easier for students to use their phone’s camera for solving math problems. The app is advanced to the point that it presents specific instructions as to how to solve those problems directly on the screen. In fact, Photomath even has a scientific calculator built in it.

Self-Learning Around the Clock

Part of the appeal of mobile learning apps is they make it easy to learn at any time of the day. Mobile apps will prove essential whether you need to teach/train new hires, students serving as interns, or employees looking to expand their skill set. These apps are available day and night, setting the stage for information-hungry individuals to learn as much as possible whenever desired.

Track Your Progress with Mobile Learning Apps

Think back to the last time you were taught something new, whether it was at work or in school. The rate at which you progressed through the learning material was likely different from that of your peers. Teachers, trainers in the workplace, and learners alike are looking for ways to track learning progress. Mobile Learning Apps (mLearning apps) empower individuals to visualize the extent to which the learner is advancing their skills and knowledge.

Efficiency and Convenience

It no longer makes sense to pay considerable sums of money for learning or training materials when mobile education apps are easily accessible. Why bother spending your hard-earned dollars on costly educational and training materials that will eventually become outdated when comparably affordable and dynamic apps are available? It merely takes a couple of clicks to access mobile apps for learning.

Mobile Apps Will Continue to Shape How We Learn

Use your mind’s eye to envision a future in which the vast majority of learning is performed through interactive mobile apps, virtual reality technology, and internet presentations/training sessions. Such a future will soon be our new reality. The rapid advancement of mobile education and training apps has reached the metaphorical “critical mass” necessary for an explosion of new apps that catalyze learning/training for students as well as employees.


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