IoT Devices May Constitute a Lucrative New Horizon in Selling

April 23

IoT devices are downright pernicious today. They’re anywhere and everywhere, and it looks as though this trend will be growing, rather than decreasing. For a company providing IoT solutions, this is actually very good news— even if you don’t necessarily provide it for traditional items that people might use. Did you know there are devices which have been configured to send status updates to smartphones concerning the freshness of eggs? The problem is, devices like that which really only have one purpose and are likely a little bit costlier than the worth they bring aren’t likely to be as necessarily profitable as they could.

However, there’s a way to bridge the gap, here. The technology in the egg-maintenance IoT can easily be transferred to the fridge in which it rests. Most refrigerators have a section primarily devoted to eggs. If a system is incorporated into the fridge which monitors eggs, then the utility in the singular device can be transferred to the larger device— the refrigerator itself. Accordingly, the larger device becomes more valuable, as it can do more, and so it has an additional selling point.

Considerable Lessons

Now, this is an object example of a potential marriage between IoT devices for greater value. When you can optimize a refrigerator in terms of value, you’re likely to sell it over competitor options. Well, likewise, as an enterprise specializing in IoT, one thing you should be doing is figuring out how to maximize IoT tech. Consolidation of devices allows you to reduce production costs and expand profit while providing the clientele you serve greater value, accordingly stimulating your operation’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

As you already know, IoT is here, and barring any globe-spanning apocalyptic disasters which disable all satellites and halt modernity’s technological forward march, IoT is here to stay. What that means is that there are companies in the burgeoning stages of operable establishments now which will be institutional industry leaders in the very near future. Innovating and maximizing profit as well as outreach will be key factors in that institutional establishment.

Considerable Steps to Take

What you should be looking at now is what kind of IoT is selling and where legitimate case-studies demonstrate added value. Additionally, you should look at common issues with IoT and how to address them in your company. One of the biggest issues right now is security. Unfortunately, this kind of devices open entry points for underhanded cybercriminal elements. While there are means of protection, presently nothing is quite so effective as to totally dispel the threat. Developing more secure devices will definitely be something positively definitive about a given company specializing in such tech.

Comprehensive Products

Other factors to consider include battery life, repair, lifespan, resilience, and operational consistency. You want the IoT solutions you provide to last long, need as little repair as possible, continue working for many years, and do their work consistency. IoT is a bit of a hybrid in terms of technology. You’ve got to replace most servers and computers every three to five years, but IoT devices are often in positions where they’ll never need exceptional computing power. Conceivably, some such devices could last decades. Ideally, your devices should be of this variety.

Johannes Beekman

About the author

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