Why IoT Security is Important for Many Businesses Today

April 30

The Cat is Out of the Bag

If you provide IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, then you must provide requisite security. IoT security is fundamental for more reasons than the obvious. Certainly, general protections are always necessary when it comes to technology. With IoT, though, this is especially considerable.

For one thing, IoT tech is becoming ubiquitous. There are all kinds of applications out there, from remotely operated garage door openers, thermostats, LED lights, security cameras, and refrigerators, to data collection devices used in productive capacities. IoT enables more cohesive, comprehensive Big Data solutions. Big Data increases visibility, which can further optimize many areas of operations from supply chain management to production.

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Botnets and Consequences

That said, there are many who don’t believe the issue is as bad as it is represented. Unfortunately for that perspective, object examples exist where IoT devices were used by cybercriminals to launch concerted, devastating attacks. In 2016, toward the end of the year, there was a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the east coast. This attack was caused by poor security measures pertaining to IoT devices like routers, webcams, smartphones, and more. A “Botnet” is what facilitated the attack.

A “Botnet” is a set of automated software designed to act in a way similar to real users but maximized for one reason or another. Twitter has many profiles which aren’t managed by actual people but are really “bots”. These are used for a variety of political purposes, but it’s important to note that bots of this kind aren’t restricted to social media. Especially in terms of IoT, Botnets can wreak absolute havoc on operations. Having security measures in place to combat these things is absolutely fundamental.

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One thing you can do to help expedite security involves education. If you’re selling IoT devices or making a business promoting them, then you want to ensure that your own digital “house” is clean of bad actors hailing from cybercriminal realms. You don’t want to download third-party apps, as these are often rife with Trojan software used as a means of hijacking systems for varying purposes. IoT security protocols should have strict limitations on applications; only those vetted by your tech team should be used on the network. You need to provide education for clients as well, so that they understand the dangers of IoT in addition to its many positives.

Staying Ahead of The Game

Something else to consider is remaining competitive. There is currently pressure for those designing and supplying IoT solutions to effect better security measures. If you can get ahead of the market on this, then the IoT solutions you provide may be desired over those competitors provide. This demand will increase as IoT becomes more ingrained professionally.

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Optimizing Your IoT Provisions

IoT security is tantamount to the success of businesses providing IoT solutions. If you want to see the greatest ROI for your new IoT provision, it makes sense to find established means of securing IoT systems, and those which are more obscure. It’s not quite the wild west, but there is a lot of room for innovation here and the right application of successful security is more likely to make your business an industry leader in IoT.

Johannes Beekman

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