IoT Solutions: Impacting Building Operations

September 13

The use of IoT solutions has steadily grown over the last few years and it has a significant impact on building operations. Whether a company is brand new or has been in business for decades, the use of the Internet of Things offers many benefits that cannot be attained through any other program. IoT companies that provide this service can experience a big boost in sales if they understand the best ways to market the various ways that IoT technology can benefit building operations. Here are just four ways that a company can use this technology and impact day-to-day building operations:

Improve Energy Management

Focusing on improving energy management is great for the environment, while also significantly enhancing profits. For example, the Al Bahar Towers, located in Abu Dhabi, can regulate the building louvers at any time through IoT technology, which results in a reduction of CO2 emissions that estimates to be over 1,750 tons per year. Companies can use this technology in a variety of ways, whether it is through controlling the temperature of the climate or turning off power circuits that are not in use after business hours.

Optimize Space

The use of IoT technology is a great way to utilize space, whether it is through sensors, RFID tags, or infrared motion detectors. These forms of technology can provide critical information on various ways to improving spacing for companies of all sizes. After careful evaluation of this data, various patterns in usage that can help predict the best way to optimize space in the future will emerge. For example, another employee can use a conference room if it is not booked for that particular week. Companies can also maximize retail displays in areas that are densely populated with customers. Ultimately, the use of IoT technology is a great way for businesses to optimize space through the analysis of data collected over time.

Security and Safety

Safety is a top priority for companies in all fields. The use of IoT solutions can enable a company to use a wide range of access controls to enhance security measures. For example, many businesses use proximity readers that enable employees to check in without the need of human ID checks. These access control points are connected to the Internet, which allows companies to use facial recognition or video analysis to enhance security. Presence detection can also increase security, as it will automatically notify the company of an intruder in a vacant building. It can also help a business in the event of an earthquake or other natural disasters.

Improve Building Maintenance

The use of IoT technology can predict the best times to repair an item before a company experiences costly amounts of downtime. Sensor data can track stress indicators on a wide variety of items and will enable them to view any abnormal patterns that need to be addressed immediately. Over the long term, this technology can help prevent unplanned maintenance while keeping each employee productive and avoiding downtime.

The use of IoT solutions has a significant effect on building management and will continue to expand in the near future. The ability to improve energy management, optimize space, increase security, and improve building maintenance are great selling points for prospective clients. Describing the various uses of this technology is a great way to increase knowledge and convince them to choose to use your services. Whether they are a small business or large corporation, the use of IoT technology can enhance their services while also having a significant impact on their building management.

Johannes Beekman

About the author

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