What Visual Search Marketing Is and Why You Should Use It

July 7

Visual search marketing is a relatively new concept that most entrepreneurs are just learning about. What is it, though? How do you use it? Why do you need it?

We discuss these questions here.

What Is Visual Search Marketing?

Visual search has been around for many years and is already built into search engines and popular social media outlets, such as:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Bing

Approximately 62 percent of all Gen Z and millennials prefer visual search over other options. With visual search, artificial intelligence is used so that people can look through real-world imagery instead of text.

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Someone can snap a picture of an object and use Google Lens or another software option to identify what it is and offer more information about it. Typically, this technology is utilized by eCommerce companies. When you implement that with optimized content, the user gets a better search result and can easily find what they want to buy.

How to Use Visual Search for Marketing

Understanding what visual search is all about is the first step. Now, you have to know how to take it a step further and focus on visual search marketing.

Regardless of what you sell, you probably use images to give a clear view of what the item is and what it does. However, what if someone knows what they want but can’t remember the name? Often, brands come up with special names for their products, but this is confusing to those who remember seeing it but don’t know what it is.

Therefore, they can snap a photo of it and find out where to buy it. It would be beneficial for your business to be a part of this trend because it’s sure to help you boost sales and conversions.

For example, Carrie is at a friend’s house and loves a stylish purse. However, the tag was ripped out, and she has no idea who sells it or the brand. Carrie takes a picture and uploads it to Google or another search engine, and finds out the seller’s information. After visiting the website, she buys the purse.

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Ways Popular Brands Are Using Visual Search Marketing

The top contenders for visual search include Google and Pinterest.

With Google, for example, you can use visual search to help users look up things, such as:

  • Buildings and landmarks (near to your location)
  • Books you sell
  • Business cards (let people take a photo and store it directly to their contact list)
  • Barcodes (they can find information about any product and where to buy it)
  • Home goods and apparel (find similar or lower-priced products)
  • Billboards and event flyers that you host (users can add the event to their calendar)

In a sense, you can improve your visibility with visual search marketing by building the image search into the web inventory. That way, when people search for products you sell, they see your information first.

With that, you’re also boosting your organic image visibility. While search engines don’t require images to rank well on SERPs, there’s no doubt that many people want to see pictures when researching for things to buy.

There’s also a better chance of advertising on Pinterest. It already has visual search capabilities, so it’s a smart bet for your future endeavors. If your target audience uses Pinterest, visual search marketing is perfect for your efforts!

While you may have recently heard about visual search marketing or wondered if it might become popular, now is the time to consider this trend for your business.

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If visual search marketing is something you’re interested in pursuing, working with the right marketing partner could mean the difference between having a strategy that fuels your business versus one that you could be wasting money on. The team at IoT Marketing can help you develop a visual search marketing strategy tailored to helping your business thrive.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help grow your business through visual search marketing!

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